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Refuse Trailers

A refuse trailer is only a bargain if it's profitable long
after it's paid for.

You have a profit center in your East aluminum transfer trailer.  It can make you a lot of money, for five simple reasons.

Optimum Payload Potential.  East trailers have excellent “empty weight,” plus the strength and versatility to handle maximum payloads.  Haul more, make more.

Lower Cost of Operation. Our refuse trailers are durable and strong by design, so you won’t eat up your earnings with downtime and repair.  Bottom line – East delivers more productivity with less hassle.

Industry Leadership. We revolutionized transfer trailers once again with our smooth-side Genesis™ design – now proven to add over ½ mile per gallon compared to ribbed trailers. For 40 years of our leadership examples, see our history of firsts.

Higher Resale Value. The real proof of the value of a trailer is what someone will pay for it used.  East has the reputation for quality that consistently brings a higher resale value.

Reputation. East is the most preferred brand of aluminum trailer.  Surveys conducted by major trade magazines confirm that more owners prefer East over any other aluminum trailer brand.

The WALKING FLOOR® trademark is the registered property of KEITH Mfg. Company.
The LIVE FLOOR™ trademark is the property of Hallco Industries, Inc.


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East Manufacturing Corp can build the dump trailer, flatbed trailer, frameless trailer, Genesis trailer walking floor trailer, live floor trailer, transfer trailer, tipper trailer to your exact specifications. East Manufacturing Corp can also supply the heavy duty truck accessories you need to make your job easier or to make your rig look its very best. Give East Manufacturing Corp the chance to speak to you about your need for a dump trailer, Genesis trailer, frameless trailer, flatbed trailer, transfer trailer, walking floor trailer, live floor trailer, tipper trailer or heavy duty truck accessories.