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Sheet & Post Walking Floor/Live Ffloors Advantages

In the Unloader, V-shaped cross-members placed close together increase aero-dynamics while maintaining structural strength, and the subframe is integrated with cross-members.

Cast overslung hinge designed for longer life, low maintenance.

With no hydraulics to add weight, greater payloads are possible. No need for a specially equipped tractor.


Refuse Trailers

Sheet & Post Walking
Floor/Live floors

Setting the standards for
long-running value.

East Unloader sheet-and-post style trailers have long been the leaders in performance and durability, with decades of tough, dependable service...and higher value at resale time.

  • Maximum strength side walls are thicker than most competitive models, and posts are continuously welded for greater durability.

  • Unique extruded 7" bottom rail allows maximum strength welding of side posts and side wall sheet directly onto the bottom rail before the dirt-shedding wedge plate is added.

  • Heavy-duty 5-1/2" x 9" x 5/8" top rail has an integral rail reinforcement to help eliminate side bow and damage to side wall from overhead loading.

  • Stronger 5-1/4" extruded I-beam or V-shaped floor cross-members offer 30% more bending resistance than the 4" cross-members others use.

  • With over 40 years of experience building aluminum trailers that last, it's no wonder you'll find so many of our original 1980 transfer trailers are still on the job.


Stronger Floor


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