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This page has all of the East Manufacturing literature
that is available as downloadable PDF files.



Dump Trailers

Genesis Hybrid®

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Beast (BST)


Refuse Trailers

Refuse Trailers

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Dump Trailers

Refuse Trailers

Flatbed Trailers

EAST Manufacturing
1871 State Route 44
P.O. Box 277
Randolph, OH 44265

888-405-3278 - Toll Free
330-325-9921 - Local
330-325-7851 - Fax
East Manufacturing Corp can build the dump trailer, flatbed trailer, frameless trailer, Genesis trailer walking floor trailer, live floor trailer, transfer trailer, tipper trailer to your exact specifications. East Manufacturing Corp can also supply the heavy duty truck accessories you need to make your job easier or to make your rig look its very best. Give East Manufacturing Corp the chance to speak to you about your need for a dump trailer, Genesis trailer, frameless trailer, flatbed trailer, transfer trailer, walking floor trailer, live floor trailer, tipper trailer or heavy duty truck accessories.