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Flatbed Trailers

MMX Flatbed

The East MMX flatbed is rated to handle loads up to 72,000 lbs. concentrated in 4 feet on a 48-foot long trailer, and up to 145,000 lbs. distributed (multi-axle) - and is also available in lengths up to 53 feet.

The backbone of the MMX is a super-duty main beam designed by joining "dual-T" beams at the neutral axis. The straight-bottom main beam minimizes flex, ideal for multi-axle applications. It maintains a consistent ground clearance when loaded - with plenty of ground clearance for lift axles. The design balances load stresses more evenly - for longer life, less maintenance.

In a comparison of material sections of equal structural strength, the MMX's aluminum alloy weighs 56% less than high tensile strength steel, and 68% less than mild steel - but is just as strong. Other aluminum flatbeds may use thinner profiles for lighter weight - but at the cost of durability.

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