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Dump Trailers

East® Genesis® Hybrid™ Trailer
The future of dump trailers is taking a whole new shape.

Why a Hybrid? At East, we put ourselves in the driver's seat when we design trailers. Maybe that's why we never liked the half-round trailer design - because we wouldn't feel comfortable pulling one. Compared to our square box trailers, they lack the inherent rigidity to resist twisting, and that makes them less stable when dumping. And they have a much higher center of gravity, making them harder to corner and more prone to turn over.

Still, some customers have been attracted to the half-round's lower weight for specific applications, even with a general understanding that durability and long-term life would undoubtedly be compromised.

So for quite some time East engineers have been working on the best of both worlds - a hybrid - a square-box trailer with a round bottom. A trailer with the advantages of both kinds of trailers. A trailer we'd be confident to pull. And own.

Combined advantages of the patent pending Genesis Hybrid:

  • Total weight in the 9,500 to 10,000 lbs. range, depending on options

  • 2 + yards greater capacity than a traditional half-round trailer, giving you even greater payload opportunity

  • A center-of-gravity that's 7 + inches lower than a traditional half-round for:
    • Greater dump stability and twist resistance
    • Better cornering
    • More operational peace-of-mind

  • A stronger, more rigid body to resist body twisting

  • Improved repairability, because flat surfaces are easier and less expensive to repair

Leave it to East to combine the advantages of a square-body trailer

  • Longer–lasting strength and durability

  • Greater stability and twist resistance

With the advantages of a round-body trailer

  • Lower weight

  • Greater payload opportunity

Finally you can have all the advantages in one trailer - the new Genesis Hybrid trailer from East.

The Genesis Hybrid frameless trailer incorporates proven Genesis flat-panel technology for the top portion of the trailer sides with a new round-bottom for the floor section. The result is a revolutionary, striking new look for
dump trailers!

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This new patent pending Genesis® Hybrid™ design gives the trailer greater twist-resisting structural rigidity, a lower center of gravity, and a greater payload capacity comparable to a half-round trailer.

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