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East Manufacturing Highlights
Manufacturing is more that just a process of how trailers are built. That's because the way the parts of a trailer are designed and come together speaks volumes about the long term performance – and ultimate value – of your investment.

The following are examples of some of the ways the manufacturing methods at East stand apart from our competition.

Paint Facility Uniquely Designed for Trailers
We recently completed a new painting facility specifically designed to improve the quality of paint application and provide a unique baked-on paint finish on steel dump trailers, frames and subassemblies. This facility is part of East's ongoing investment in product quality improvement, which supports the company's goal of manufacturing products for the transportation industry that are superior in performance and value. The durability and appearance of East trailers are part of the reason they enjoy the reputation for the highest resale value in the industry.

Painting is a three-step process at East. First, the metal is prepped for painting by cleaning and/or sandblasting, and dried in a special oven.

Second, in a temperature-controlled paint booth environment, East applies premium primer and finish-coat paint mixes that are formulated for long life.

For the painting facility, East built their own device that allows a trailer chassis to be rotated a full 360 degrees. This allows easy access to areas such as the underside of axles, suspension springs and brake dust covers that are normally hard to reach. Skilled East painters can then apply paint at an even millage.

The third step is curing. For this, East built a unique oven facility dedicated to the curing needs of large equipment. To the company's knowledge, no other trailer manufacturer uses an oven-curing technique that provides a baked-on paint finish. Paint cured in this manner provides a more durable resistance to the elements.


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East Manufacturing Corp can build the dump trailer, flatbed trailer, frameless trailer, Genesis trailer walking floor trailer, live floor trailer, transfer trailer, tipper trailer to your exact specifications. East Manufacturing Corp can also supply the heavy duty truck accessories you need to make your job easier or to make your rig look its very best. Give East Manufacturing Corp the chance to speak to you about your need for a dump trailer, Genesis trailer, frameless trailer, flatbed trailer, transfer trailer, walking floor trailer, live floor trailer, tipper trailer or heavy duty truck accessories.