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About East

Leaders innovate. Followers imitate. History of firsts

If you're looking to invest in an aluminum trailer, it's to your advantage to go with the brand that has led the way in aluminum dump, flatbed and refuse trailer innovation.

We have a history of creating new products, instead of just copying the ideas of others. Here's a long list of the innovative reasons why East is First in Aluminum Trailers.

1968 East introduces a new aluminum body design that, for the first time, was durable enough to replace steel.
1968 Proved aluminum trailers are durable in critical areas such as side to floor connections, bulkhead to side joints and doghouse.
1968 Full wrap around bulkhead on dump trailers for less body twist
1968 3 finger extrusions on tailgates for resistance against bowing
1968 Rear hinge location on dump trailers moved forward of suspension hanger to maximize dump stability
1968 Stainless shim insulators on gate pins eliminating corrosion
1969 Tubular hoist mount for dump trailers for maximum strength
1969 1/2" round at top edge of bulkhead for increased tarp life
1970 Aluminum frame neck fabrication process for maximum strength
1971 Wear pads on Reyco suspension hangers for longer life & easy repair
1973 45 degree dirt shedders for maximum side strength and no debris accumulation
1975 Led the lobbying effort in D.C. to recognize tri-axle configurations under Federal bridge formula
1977 Led the lobbying effort in Pennsylvania allowing special consessions for 6 axle tractor-trailers
1978 Led the lobbying effort in OH, MN, AL, KY, IL, TX to recognize tri-axle configurations
1978 Aluminum push out sludge trailers
1979 Aluminum push-out large capacity refuse trailers
1980 Charter member and supported the founding of the national Dump Transport Industries Assoc.
1981 Cast dump shoes with recessed grease valley for longer life
1984 Tubular crossmembers for flatbeds for maximum load strength (patented)
1984 Aluminum draft arms for frameless dump trailers
1984 Reflective tape in patented recessed extrusions
1984 Beast flatbed 50,000# rating in 4' section
1984 Flatbed welded beam in the neutral axis for maximum cracking resistance
1985 Aluminum moving floor refuse trailers for optimum payload and corrosion resistance
1985 Stainless steel floor liner option for dump equipment reducing wear
1985 Headache racks utilizing complex interlocking extrusions
1986 Aluminum crane unloader flatbed
1986 Barrel type safety winders with acme thread for tailgates
1986 Mylar insulation for all steel to aluminum contact points to reduce corrosion
1987 Safety winder rear post brackets from extrusion for strength integrity
1987 Backing strips on all side sheet seams for reduced joint cracking
1988 Successfully built brick unloader aluminum flatbed trailer
1989 Box crossmembers at floor splices for maximum floor integrity on dump trailers
1989 Quiet Ride crossmember wear pads for frame dump equipment (patented)
1989 Non-skid flooring on flatbed decking for safety
1989 Flatbed nailer joints expanded for floor to crossmember integrity
1989 Spreader chain tailgate lugs for dump equipment to extruded material for maximum strength
1990 Step-N-Store tool box for truck-tractors
1990 Heavy duty top rails for long refuse trailers for bow resistance
1991 3 void suspension spacers for less weight and added strength
1992 Full length bottom and top main beam flange / S-design neck for maximum design integrity
1992 Safety winder gate brackets from extrusion for maximum strength
1993 Successfully built 1st all aluminum B-train flatbed trailer
1993 First successful aluminum drop deck flatbed
1995 Color coded air lines for easier troubleshooting
1995 Bi-metal connections between crossmembers and main beam on composite flatbeds
1996 One piece wire harness in rear light panels for maximum lighting integrity
1998 First successful aluminum B-Train flatbed lead and pup trailer designs
2000 Self aligning frameless dump trailer upper coupler reducing weight and improving handling
2001 Genesis side wall design revolutionizing dump and refuse trailer design
2002 Sliding winch clip (patented) for flatbeds exceeding cargo securement standards
2002 Integrated side rails on flatbed for sliding winches and tie downs, plus shielded wiring
2002 MMX aluminum flatbed with 72,000# concentrated load rating
2003 Lite-Ride aluminum suspension hangers to reduce weight and corrosion
2004 Genesis tipper trailer requiring no center pipe for easier loading and maintenance
2005 Introduced aluminum winch and clips
2005 Supply filter for ABS systems increasing warranty period to 4 years
2005 Genesis side wall patented
2006 First to make PC-Rated LED lights standard on all trailers
2006 Advanced smooth-wall Genesis tailgate design for dump trailers
2007 Introduced Genesis II aerodynamic floor design
2008 Integrated stairway for flatbeds
2008 First to offer sealed "moisture barrier" LED Lighting System
2009 Beast II 65,000 lb. concentrated load rated flatbed trailer
2010 Genesis® Hybrid™, a unique combination of square-box and round-bottom dump trailer

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East Manufacturing Corp can build the dump trailer, flatbed trailer, frameless trailer, Genesis trailer walking floor trailer, live floor trailer, transfer trailer, tipper trailer to your exact specifications. East Manufacturing Corp can also supply the heavy duty truck accessories you need to make your job easier or to make your rig look its very best. Give East Manufacturing Corp the chance to speak to you about your need for a dump trailer, Genesis trailer, frameless trailer, flatbed trailer, transfer trailer, walking floor trailer, live floor trailer, tipper trailer or heavy duty truck accessories.